Is Killing Pest Birds OK?

While some people choose to kill birds when they have a bird problem, this is not the only way to conduct your bird management if you’re living in the Brisbane area. We understand that while pigeon extermination is an option, it’s not consistently needed for every bird problem in the region. The truth of the matter is that bird exterminators can take care of your bird problems but if they’re not going to at least try other pigeon control methods, then they’re just taking the easy way out. As a reliable pest control company, we understand that we can use a humane pigeon trap or one that kills the birds. There are many options to choose from so if you do decide that bird exterminators need to come out to conduct pigeon extermination, make sure that there is no other way to go than bird eradication.

pigeons extermination Pest Control SouthsideAll throughout this region, we’re observing homeowners trying multiple pigeon control methods to take care of their bird problems. With this being the case, they end up calling bird exterminators out to their property. In turn, the bird exterminators jump right to pigeon extermination instead of trying the various other types of bird management methods.

Removing pest birds from your home can be a bit of a headache as there is a chance they’ll come back. Even with this being the case, pigeon eradication is not always necessary. This is something that should only be done when pigeon extermination is the only other option left. So if you’re having a bird management issue, continue reading to find out more about what you can do for effective pigeon eradication and the many other pigeon control methods that should be tried before you decide on the fate of your feathered pests.

Pigeon Extermination & How To Do It

Making the decision to go with bird eradication as the type of bird management that will work for you, you’ll need to know how you’re planning to go about it. Planning precisely what you’ll have done on your property is ultimately going to ensure everything goes smoothly. So if you decide that bird extermination is the way to go, doing a bit of research regarding the other pigeon control methods available to you is a good idea. If you do need bird exterminators to come out and handle your bird problems, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Pigeon Poison Kills Birds

Although pigeon poison is an effective type of bird eradication, you might not be legally allowed to use the stuff if you’re living in a country that prohibits it. There are a lot of countries that make it so you need a special license when using pigeon poison to fulfill your bird eradication needs. Knowing this to be true, the fact of the matter is that it’s not too difficult to use it, but there are some serious implications that could occur when you’re using this type of pigeon eradication. A lot of times you’ll notice that pets and wildlife will devour the poisoned bait food, making it so it’s rather difficult to target the pest birds specifically. With this being the case, although pigeon poison can have a positive impact if you’re looking to decline your local pigeon population, there is a good chance that it will result in more animals dying than the birds you’re targeting.

We also tend to see another issue that pigeon poison brings about; with the birds dying immediately, they have the tendency to die on your property, resulting in the need for a serious cleanup. This can get even worse if they die on your property in a hard to reach place, resulting in the bodies being left to rot for a while. This can produce a serious stench, making it important to get rid of the dead pigeon bodies as soon as you can. There are various kinds of pigeon poison that can be used for those of you interested in a pigeon eradication as well, giving you several options to choose from.

Bird Trap For Killing Birds

If you decide you’re going to use a bird trap, you’ll have the choice between using a bird trap that kills the birds or one that does not. Using a lethal bird trap means that you’re going with the trap that looks like a cage with some sort of mechanism to help with your pigeon eradication. With this mechanism, you’ll be able to constrict or snap it on the birds to kill them. As you use a lethal bird trap, don’t forget to check out the instructions from the manufacturer to ensure the set up is being done right. Without this insight, you’ll have a greater chance of getting hurt while you’re setting the trap up. If you’re not confident in your ability to set your bird trap up, you can always contact us to be your bird exterminators and we’ll handle it!

When you set up your bird trap, you should put it in the area you find the birds roosting the most and provide some sort of food to attract them. The options typically include seeds, grains, or fruits as these are what pigeons like. These foods will attract them to your bird trap and ultimately will have an impact regarding whether or not the birds will decide to fall for it. Prior to setting up the trap, you should provide the pest birds with some food in that part of your property for at least a few days. This will help you to gain their trust. Getting the birds to trust you likely won’t be the easiest thing to do but when that happens, it makes putting the trap down and killing the birds that much easier.

In our experience, we have seen that when we use a bird trap that kills, it has the same level of effectiveness as one that doesn’t. With this being said, the traps that don’t kill the birds tend to work better when it comes to catching them. This also gives you the option to choose an ethical route as opposed to killing them, giving you the choice to release the birds far away from your property. You also have the choice to kill them more humanely as well if this is the option you decide will work the best.

Using An Air Rifle To Kill Birds

Your grandfather might have killed his pest birds with an air rifile and with birds being shot all across the globe to feed people, it’s easy to see that this method can be impactful if you’re handling a few birds. Hitting and killing your pest pigeons means you’ll have to be a good shot or practice a bit. With this being said, we recommend that if you decide you’re going to use an air rifle to hunt the birds, do it right at dusk as they’re usually resting around then, making them easier targets.

Shooting pigeons can result in some problems as well. Although you might have shot targets quite a bit in the past, shooting the bird might not kill it right away. When this happens, the birds typically fly away and die a slow and painful death. With this being said, we find that there are more humane ways of killing pigeons. Shooting pigeons in urban areas is also a problem as it is usually illegal, making it so the only people allowed to use this method are those living in rural areas.

Other Kinds Of Pigeon Control Methods

If you’re looking at the pigeon control methods that kill the birds and saying, “I wish there was a humane way to get rid of them,” then you’re in luck! Bird exterminators tend to jump right to killing the birds and even though bird eradication might seem like the only way, there are multiple other pigeon control methods that you can use before resorting to total pigeon eradication. Continue reading for some insight regarding these awesome methods.

Bird Netting To Exclude Birds

For those of you looking to exclude birds rather than conducting pigeon eradication, this bird management method is going to fulfill that desire. Bird netting is cost-effective and excludes medium to large birds with ease. With this being said, this is a relatively impactful exclusion method but the smaller birds might get through, making this a bird management method you might want to pair with another bird management method. Doing this will allow you to get rid of your pest birds without any bloodshed, making it a method that comes highly recommended!

Bird Traps To Catch & Release Birds

Even though there are some people that truly believe utilizing bird traps always kills the birds, you also have the choice to relocate the birds in an area that is nowhere near your home. This is the truth and each pigeon trap is different in how they handle your pest birds. With this being said, using an ethical pigeon trap usually means you’ll catch more birds, making it so more homeowners decide to use them over a pigeon trap that kills the birds. This is a prime part of most people’s bird management tactic, making it so they can keep birds from staying on their property long-term. When looking over the bird control methods, using a pigeon trap is highly impactful when the birds are released so far from your home that they won’t be able to find a way to come back. Using the right pigeon trap will result in catching many pigeons and allows you to let them go after. Even if they decide to return, you can always place the pigeon trap out again and repeat what you did the first time!

Bird Spikes To Limit Birds

It’s also possible to use something other than a pigeon trap… such as bird spikes! If you have a large local bird population, these inexpensive bad boys can be the answer to keep your pigeons from roosting in unwanted areas. While these seem like they could hurt the birds, they aren’t going to hurt or act as a way for pigeon eradication. You’ll simply put them on the flat surfaces you want to keep the birds off of. What’s great about these is they cannot hurt the birds. Unlike other bird control methods that kill the birds, these will not even hurt them. Simply have the bird exterminators come to your home for the install and you’re done. No pigeon eradication and you can use any other bird control methods in conjunction with this one. There is no need to exterminate your pigeons as bird spikes will keep the birds under control. Also, these trump bird eradication in regards to the cost of them too – learn more here.

Scare Birds With Decoys & Scarecrows

humane bird scare option Pest Control SouthsideWhen you’re looking for effective bird control, decoys and scarecrows can work even better than pigeon eradication because these methods scare the birds away. While a scarecrow likely seems out of place outside of a cornfield, the decoys blend in better. These look like the pest birds’ predators, making it so you have bird control that scares them away from your home. As far as bird control methods go, this will be impactful for a while, even though there might be a time when they get used to this method. If that’s the case, bird exterminators can come out and help with a pigeon trap and relocation. This is the better option when compared to bird eradication as you participate in ethical bird control methods.

Electronic Bird Deterrents To Deter Birds

It’s also possible to use electronic bird deterrents for your bird control. The best bird deterrent for bird control is the motion-detecting sprinkler system. With this, you’ll get a built-in motion detector that sprays the birds with water when they land. The plants will get more water too! This is an ethical form of bird deterrent that doesn’t require bird eradication. Out of all of the bird control methods available, this one is the most fun to watch!

Why Choose Humane Options?

When you opt for the humane option, you’re avoiding killing the birds. Even though it is likely easier to kill them at times, the best reward is getting rid of your pest birds without having to kill them. Ethical bird control methods are easy to incorporate on your property as well and there are some countries that limit peoples’ ability to kill them. With this being said, there are effective and inexpensive ways to get rid of birds, making it so killing birds should rarely be the option we choose. When handling bird problems, opt for the ethical humane methods as opposed to jumping to killing the birds. Your wallet and conscience will thank you!

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