Using Bird Spikes As A Deterrent

Using Bird Spikes As A Bird Deterrent

All homeowners who are interested in deterring pigeons and any other types of flying bothers should understand that bird prevention is going to take a serious effect. One of the first things you’ll want to do if you’re working on bird proofing your home is look into using bird deterrent spikes. With these spikes, you’ll find that bird prevention doesn’t have to be expensive. This is an inexpensive method to ensure you’re able to keep birds away from your property. Bird spikes work at keeping bigger birds away, allowing you a home that is free of roosting birds and the mess that comes with them. With this being the case, you’ll want some insight regarding the various different kinds of bird deterrent spikes that are available to you. The Brisbane Australia area is having bird problems and if you’re living here, bird prevention is the first step to ensuring you don’t have to deal with these problems at some point in the future.

Bird spikes and pigeon wire assist in keeping birds from landing any place you’re looking to stop them from making a mess. The result of a pigeon spike installation is that you’ll keep birds away, resulting in a cleaner and happier home. While there are some other types of pigeon prevention methods that are available to you, using bird repellent spikes means you’re not going to have to worry about maintenance. With this being said, bird fence spikes have the potential to provide your property with the protection it needs without having to dig deep into your pockets as time passes.

Read on for more information about using bird spikes to keep birds at bay.

Bird Deterrent Spikes Information

bird spikes as deterrent Pest Control SouthsideFor those of you who have never heard of anti pigeon spikes, these devices have a tremendous impact on the chance of you having a pigeon infestation. They ensure that pigeons cannot land and roost in the areas that you’ve had them installed. And with the spikes having an extremely low amount of visibility, it’s a good method to use if you’re afraid of installing something that is rather unsightly on your property. If you have these bird deterrents put on your property with the instructions from the manufacturer in mind, you’ll find that the effectiveness of bird exclusion spikes is beyond impressive, making this the go-to when it comes to bird prevention.

The benefits that come with using bird spikes as a deterrence are seemingly endless as they prevent bird pests in ways that don’t negatively impact you or the birds. You’ll also be able to install them on various different types of surfaces, allowing you the versatility you need when it comes to ensuring birds will not roost in the areas you’d like to keep them away from. Once you have bird spikes installed, you’ll find that they have a clean look about them as well, making it so the aesthetic of your property will not be negatively impacted as a result of this bird prevention method.

Bird Spikes Installation

If you’re thinking about installing some bird repellent spikes on your property, it’s a good idea to ensure that the installation is done right the first time. There are a lot of instances that we’ve seen installations that have been botched and this typically will allow pigeons the ability to roost wherever they choose. There are even times in which professional contractors are at fault. With this being the case, we’ve seen that upon conducting the check over for the property, the person doing the installation sees bird feces on a windowsill or ledge. This results in the idea that the birds are roosting there when the fact of the matter is that they are roosting overhead. Upon checking over the spot you’re thinking about installing your bird spikes, make sure to check for any guttering, upper story windowsills, a hopper, or even externally exposed pipework. This could be the difference between effectively preventing the birds from roosting and botching the installation completely, rendering the spikes useless.

The Importance Of Accurate Measurements

Saying that taking accurate measurements prior to starting your installation is a serious understatement. This is where you’ll want to start with this installation because taking these measurements will give you the right number of bird spikes you’ll need before you the project is underway. There is nothing worse than the stop and go that comes with being unprepared for the job at hand.

Furthermore, you’re going to need some access equipment to install your spikes and with it being rather expensive renting this equipment by the day or week, you’ll want to make sure you’re using your time efficiently as you work on your bird spike installation. Understanding the number of spikes necessary to cover your desired surface ensures you will not have to stop to go pick up more spikes if you under calculated.

It might even be a good idea to purchase more than you’ll need, especially when considering they’re not very costly and most suppliers will typically take back any excess pigeon spikes (even though there might be a 20 percent re-stocking fee).

Keep Birds Away With Bird Spikes

With so many different kinds of bird spikes being on the market, it can be a bit overwhelming when trying to decide which ones to buy. Some offer low-visibility while others offer different colors to match the aesthetic of your installation area. What’s great about these spikes is that they can be used on a variety of surfaces, allowing you some serious versatility when it comes to your install.

After installing bird spikes for years, we’ve seen how versatile they can be. We’ve put them on many different flat surfaces, such as louvers, gutters, pipes, roofs, statues, cabling, eaves, chimneys, aerials, and a bunch of other types of architectural structures located in the vicinity of clients’ homes. With the spikes working on various types of surfaces, there have even been times in which clients have requested us to install them on their trees!

Regardless of what the surface is made out of, bird control spikes can be installed on almost all types of surfaces. We’ve done installs on glass, plastic, brick, masonry, canvas, fabric, metal, wood, and steel, showcasing precisely how adaptable these products are.

This is made possible because of the way we can utilize silicone gel to attach the bird spikes onto almost any type of surface. The anti bird spikes stick onto the surface with ease, allowing us to protect the surface without having to use an invasive procedure. We’ve also been able to use other methods to stick them onto surfaces, such as cable ties, nails, having the metal spikes mounted onto a piece of plywood or even screws. Velcro also works for some installs. Although the usual install involves placing the spikes vertically, it’s also possible to do a horizontal or upside down installation if the client needs it.

Pigeon Spikes & Their Benefits

Hard To See: When it comes to incorporating stainless steel bird spikes, we’ve noticed that you can keep birds away with them rather easily because they’re very difficult to see after they’re installed. Noticing them is hard to do and this means you’re not going to have to worry about the aesthetics of your home when you complete and installation. This definitely differs from the eyesore that scarecrows or bird prevention netting can create on your property. With this being said, these spikes are the one bird prevention method that truly goes visibly unnoticed upon being installed, making them one of the best options to go with if you’re not interested in other unsightly bird prevention methods. 

Budget-Friendly: A lot of people automatically think that any bird prevention method is going to have a major impact on their wallets but they couldn’t be more wrong. Unlike other tactics, these spikes are not expensive to purchase and the installation isn’t too difficult, making it a rather inexpensive solution to potential bird problems. Installing spikes to keep birds away is a bird proofing solution that is going to save you money from the moment you make the purchase and the initial investment is not costly. With this being the case, this a fantastic option if you’re looking to ensure birds don’t come to your property without having to spend an arm and a leg.

Humane/Doesn’t Kill The Birds: No one wants to kill the birds prior to them even becoming an issue, right? Right. With this being said, as an ethical bird control company in Brisbane, we opt to prevent birds coming to properties rather than killing them, utilizing the human and non-lethal strategies to handle pest birds without having to kill them. By committing to an anti bird wire installation on your property, we’re going to be able to get birds to stay away from your property without causing them any damage. While a lot of other bird protection agencies choose not to utilize this impactful method, we prefer to use bird spikes on the properties we protect throughout Australia. We understand that anti roosting spikes are one of the best options to keep birds away without having to kill them.

There’s No Getting Use To Bird Spikes: With most bird prevention methods, we find that the birds have the tendency to get used to them after a while. The good thing about these bird spikes is that the birds cannot get used to them. In turn, this results in pigeons and other pest birds moving on from the area, opting to roost somewhere else. With an effective pigeon spike installation, we find that regardless of how intelligent the birds are, they will not become used to the spikes. Another good thing about these spikes is that even though the birds will not get used to them, they are also unable to hurt themselves on them.

Looking at the various methods available, bird netting is even known to  kill birds. They have the potential to get caught up in the net, resulting in suffocation, starvation, or dehydration at times. While there are some methods that can have an impact, we are firm believers in the idea that using bird spikes is the most effective and impactful bird deterrent available to consumers at this point.

Roost Spikes Prevent Pigeon Roosting

There’s no getting around how big of an impact roof spikes will have on a property. Pigeons can be a serious mess when they roost at your home or even at the structures that are found around it. With pigeon spikes, you’ll find the prevention method you need to keep these birds from roosting. With this in mind, there are some key differences when taking anti-roosting installs and comparing them to the bird exclusion installs we’ve seen. While you can use either one of these pigeon guards, using both seems to result in better prevention.

Anti-Roosting vs. Bird Exclusion

When you opt for anti-roosting spikes, you’re going to ensure that the birds are not able to roost on the property. This differs from bird exclusion because with this prevention method, you’re not going to be covering the airspace around the area and the birds will still technically have access. Bird repellent spikes are going to give you anti-roosting capabilities, ensuring the feathery pests cannot land where they choose. This tactic will make it so you can prevent them from roosting on flat surfaces and although you can use these to seal up any small holes, bird exclusion is ultimately going to prevail in that kind of instance.

With bird netting, you’re going to find that you can work on bird exclusion with ease. This stuff allows homeowners the ability to close off areas instead of prohibiting the birds from roosting on a flat surface. Even with this being said, we like to use both of these methods as they can both have incredible impacts on the likelihood that a bird will come onto your property.

If you have to go with one, the bird repellent spikes cost less when comparing it to the netting and you’ll have an easier time installing them. They’re also easily reversible.

Another thing to consider is how much more invasive the installation is for the bird netting. You’ll need to wrap it all throughout an area to have the bird exclusion impact you’re looking for. You will also likely have to drill and bolt the netting to various structures on your property, making the installation more complex than the pigeon spikes. With the spikes being less expensive and have a big impact on the birds, opting for them before installing bird netting is definitely a good idea.

As a noninvasive bird prevention method, anti pigeon spikes will work on your grade listed buildings. You can have them fixed on any building with the silicon gel as well. With this being said, a lot of listed building officers and individuals that are maintaining the protection of heritage buildings claim that pigeon deterrent spikes are their bird prevention method because they’re noninvasive.

Different Kinds Of Bird Spikes

plastic and stainless bird spikes Pest Control SouthsideKnowing what kinds of bird spikes are available to you involves understanding the negatives and benefits that are associated with them. Read on to gain insight regarding the differences between plastic and stainless steel bird spikes.

Plastic Bird Spikes

If you’re considering using plastic bird spikes, you’re going to have some durable polycarbonate bird spikes that will make a world of difference on your property. With these spikes, you’ll find that the heavier weight that larger birds are sporting is still capable of being dealt with. The polycarbonate bird spikes also come in a lot of other colors, allowing them to be used in various instances. These plastic bird spikes are easy to incorporate on any property and they don’t have to be hidden because you can get the colors that match.

Stainless Steel Bird Spikes

Some people choose the option with the least visibility. When it comes to using metal bird spikes, they’re very difficult to see when the sun is shining. This means that metal bird spikes are a nearly invisible bird proofing solution, allowing you to keep your bird proofing strategies more private rather than showing them to everyone. Even though these aren’t impervious to rusting, they are still pretty resistant and look good. Covering your roof with these roof spikes is also an option as a result of them covering a large surface area with ease. And with them being pretty inexpensive, it’s not going to kill your wallet to get the coverage you need.

Concluding Idea On Bird Control Spikes

Anyone looking to ensure birds cannot roost on their property will want to know about how they can get these anti roosting spikes installed. This is a method of bird prevention that will deter the bird without forcing you to kill them. The impact that these spikes can have also comes at an affordable price, making them not only extremely effective but impactful as well.

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