How To Get Rid Of Pigeons

All throughout the Southside area of South Brisbane, we’re seeing an influx of bird infestations that are resulting in homeowners across the region scrambling to get their hands on pigeon control devices and pigeon extermination methods. With this being said, pigeon problems seemingly come out of nowhere; the birds fly in and take over properties without giving any notice whatsoever. The truth behind these feathery pests is that there are going to be times that their invasions call for extermination while other times, you’ll find that using simple pigeon prevention methods will be enough to get rid of your pigeon problems once and for all. With this in mind, you can always reach out to us as your reliable pigeon exterminators, resulting in a quick visit from us and your flying pests handled fast.

While we’re constantly trying to focus on ethical bird solutions, there are going to be instances in which the humane route might not work. Once we exhaust all of the possible pigeon control methods to no avail, we’ll consider pigeon extermination. There are many pigeon prevention methods that are worth trying as they are affordable and humane. The fact of the matter is that when you decide to exterminate your pigeon population, you’re opening yourself up to risk. These birds can make a serious mess of your property and even kill other animals depending on the extermination method you decide to go with. With this being said, keep reading as throughout this article we’ll go over precisely what can be done if you have pigeon problems in the South Brisbane region.

How to get rid of pigeons Pest Control Southside

The Pigeons Have Your Home Surrounded… What Are Your Options?

It doesn’t matter if you find yourself in the Southside, South Brisbane, the Southern Suburbs, Brisbane Southside, or South of the River, you’re going to be able to use the same pigeon prevention methods that are being used all throughout the country. Our goal is to make sure your home remains pigeon free if it is clear of the birds and get rid of the pigeons if you have an invasion on your hands. Regardless of where you live, you’ll likely use some of the more common methods to get rid of your pigeons. While it may seem as though it is impossible to get rid of pigeons, know that we’re the experts when it comes to handling pigeon problems and we’re going to get rid of your birds as ethically as possible if we can. If not, we’ll work on extermination. If you feel as though you need some professionals to come out and help you with some methods to prevent or get rid of pigeons in the South Brisbane area, know that you can count on us to come out and help in a timely manner.

Pigeon Prevention Methods That Push Pigeons Away

Pigeon prevention is something you can work on regardless of where you’re living. You’ll find that people throughout the Southside, South Brisbane, Southern Suburbs, Brisbane Southside, and South of the river areas are all incorporating pigeon prevention methods on their properties. With this being the case, even if you’ve never had pigeon problems in the past, it’s a good idea to put some pigeon prevention methods in place just in case. There are various methods to control your pigeon problems without having to kill the birds, giving us a plethora of methods to choose from when you trust us to handle your bird issues.

Catch & Release With Bird Traps

We’ve noticed that people in the Southside region of Brisbane favor catch and release bird traps. The great thing about these bird traps is that you’re not going to have to kill the birds upon catching them. This gives you the choice regarding whether or not you’ll simply let them go far away from your property. Another major benefit of using catch and release pigeon traps is that they tend to catch more birds. This ultimately results in the pigeon problems being dealt with faster than when a homeowner decides to use the pigeon traps that kill the birds. With this in mind, setting the bird traps up can be a bit of a job if you’ve never done it before.

Setting pigeon traps requires a bit of finesse if you want to make them as impactful as possible. We recommend feeding the birds for at least a few days prior to introducing the trap. This will result in more pigeons coming to the area looking for food, allowing you to gain their trust in the process. Upon acquiring the birds’ trust, you’ll find that they will be more willing to go into the cage. In turn, this will make your pigeon traps more successful in the process. Prior to setting your pigeon traps, make sure you look over the instructions that the manufacturer included with them. Bird traps can be dangerous to set up if you’ve never done it before, making it so reading these instructions could be the difference between a successful setup and one that injures you. If you need assistance while setting the bird traps, know you can depend on us as your reliable bird control company.

Hitting Nests Down

Bird nests are being built all throughout the area South of the River in Brisbane, resulting in many locals opting to hit the nests down. While hitting the nests down might seem like a cruel idea, the fact of the matter is that making sure the birds do not feel safe on your property will ultimately drive them away. This can be done with a long curved stick. Even though this strategy might seem like it isn’t going to cause any trouble, some problems can come as a result.

Hitting down bird nests can actually be a disaster if you don’t know what you’re doing. Besides the possible bird attack, you’ll have to worry about what kind of nest you’re hitting down. If it is the active nest of a migratory bird, it’s likely that the nest is protected by the government. This means that if you knock it down by mistake, you could face some serious charges or fines. With this being said, we suggest reaching out to us if you’re considering hitting nests down.

Chemical Bird Repellents

Chemical bird repellents are extremely popular throughout the Brisbane Southside region as they impactful and result in the birds leaving the property after a little while. These will not murder the birds. Instead, chemical bird repellants annoy the birds until they leave. With these repellents, you’ll find that they are incapable of digesting their food. This results in the birds moving on as their bodies naturally will tell them they cannot stay there. It’s a reflex that the chemical repellents take advantage of, forcing the birds to leave without issue.

Bird Netting

getting rid of pigeons pests Pest Control SouthsideBird netting is being used all across the Southern Suburbs of Brisbane. We’re seeing this exclusion netting working for various species of medium to large birds, limiting them to where they’re capable of going on your property. While this stuff excludes the larger birds, the unfortunate fact of the matter is that the smaller birds aren’t excluded as easily. With this being the case, you might want to incorporate other bird control methods on your property if you find you have small birds running amuck.

Even though bird netting is super impactful for bird exclusion, it’s one of the more intrusive bird control methods we’ve observed. The exclusion netting has to be hung up on structures found throughout your property and it requires bolting or drilling to keep it in place. With this being the case, this is a more intense installation when comparing it to other bird control methods. Even with this being known, we know that bird netting is capable of ensuring your property is somewhat protected from birds as it excludes the larger ones. You’ll likely want to bring another bird prevention method in to help exclude the smaller birds but nonetheless, this is an effective method.

Bird Spikes

People all throughout the Brisbane Southside area are buying up bird spikes for a few reasons. These are super versatile, allowing you to stick them onto nearly any flat surface that you find birds roosting on. You’ll simply use silicone gel to make them stick and the birds will no longer be able to roost in that area. Also, these are super cost-effective, resulting in the bird protection you need without breaking the bank. Upon installing the bird spikes, you’ll find that birds will vacate the premises most of the time simply because they no longer have the comfort of roosting where they’d like. These are also rather humane, as they don’t harm the birds. This, in turn, makes bird spikes one of the better bird control methods on our list.

Scaring Methods You Can Use

Scaring methods are definitely an option when it comes to getting rid of birds in the area South of the River in Brisbane. These methods are some of the classics, meaning you already know that they work well enough to result in their use over the course of centuries. Keeping birds away is made easy with these devices and while there are classic methods you can use, you can also use some innovative methods.

Scarecrows & Decoys

Using scarecrows or decoys on your property results in birds being scared away. While it is true that the birds can get used to these bird deterrents over time, the fact of the matter is that these work well in conjunction with other bird prevention methods. With this being said, there is an innovative method being used that we think is really great.

Electronic Bird Deterrents

Electronic bird deterrents are the most innovative scaring technologies found on the bird prevention device market. One of the best ones is the motion-activated sprinkler system. With this system, the birds are sprayed with water any time they land on your property. This works really well to keep birds away from your home while providing your lawn with extra water! With this system, all you need is a water source and an occasional charge to keep the pigeons away.

Pigeon Extermination Methods

Below are some of the more aggressive tactics used for bird extermination in Brisbane. We don’t recommend ANY of these methods as they are either dangerous, illegal, or inhumane. We have provided this information as a guide so you know as a consumer what to avoid.

Potentially Impactful Pigeon Poison

Determining whether or not you’re going to use pigeon poison ultimately depends on how close you’re going to watch over the birds. Even with you keeping a watchful eye on the pigeons following their ingestion of the poison, there is a still a chance that the pigeon poison is going to harm other animals. The fact of the matter is that using pigeon poison is comparable to shooting aimlessly into the woods at an animal; you really don’t know what you’re going to hit. While this can contribute to pigeon control at your home, you might find that there is too much risk when using this stuff. Even with this being the case, here are some of the pigeon poisons you might see being used in the South Brisbane area.


Avitrol is going to harm the pigeons’ central nervous systems. The result of pigeons eating this stuff is that they will fall down onto the ground convulsing for a while before they finally die. The birds will be killed by this poison but it takes a while, making it so the accident dosing of other animals is possible.


Choosing to use Alphachloralose means you’re going to use a pigeon poison that’s not so hard to utilize. Some suggest feeding the pigeons over the course of some period of time (at least a few days) prior to feeding them the dosed grains. Once the birds begin to trust you and more come to the area, you can give them a dose and that should take care of your pigeon problems. The primary issue with this pigeon poison is that it takes a while for it to kill them, meaning they have time to fly out to other parts of the area. This could end up resulting in other animals eating their bodies, poisoning the animals in the process. Alphachloralose proves to be rather difficult to control because of this.


Commonly found in auto shops, antifreeze can be used as a pigeon poison. It’s easy to find, easy to buy, and kills pigeons with ease. With this being the case, this is a pigeon poison people seem to prefer simply because of the simplicity that comes with obtaining it.


Ths pigeon poison can be eaten or inhaled. It has no taste or smell, making it so it is possible to put it into pigeon food or even water. This stuff is rather nasty and inhumane because of the side effects the birds exhibit prior to dying. They’ll become nauseous, start vomiting, and be in pain for a while before they finally die. We don’t recommend using Thallium if you can avoid it.

Shoot Pigeons In Rural Areas

A lot of people in rural areas tend to shoot pigeons down using an air rifle. This is a popular method of killing pigeons simply because there are people across the globe who are hunting the birds as a food source with these guns. While this is an effective way to kill them, the truth of the matter is that even if you’re an experienced marksman, you likely won’t kill the bird on the first shot. This can result in the bird flying away and dying a slow painful death, making this a rather unethical method. Also, this strategy is typically limited to the more rural areas, meaning it’s a good idea to look into your local laws before you start shooting the pigeons down. With all of this in mind, if you decide to shoot the birds, make sure to wait until they are resting at around dusk. This is the best time because they won’t be as active, making them easier targets.

Utilizing Killer Birds Traps Effectively

Killer bird traps can be used to catch and kill birds in one clean swoop. Most people in the Southside area go for the bird traps that don’t kill the birds because they tend to catch the birds faster. With this being the case, we recommend avoiding bird traps that kill birds because they tend to be less impactful and more dangerous. The truth being these traps is that many people end up getting hurt while trying to operate them, making it important to read the manufacturer’s instructions before trying to set one up. If you find that this is too intimidating of a task for you to handle on your own, don’t hesitate to reach out to us as your commercial pest control service and we’ll make our way out to you as fast as possible!

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