How To Scare Birds Away

When homeowners find their homes being plagued by feathery pests, the idea to repel birds is definitely one that crosses their minds. Learning how to scare birds away is a major skill that can come in handy when you have a flock of birds making a mess of your home. With this being the case, we’re seeing more bird invasions happening in Brisbane, Australia than any other region throughout the country. As we observe more and more birds breeding, we’re seeing the need for bird deterrent devices is on the rise.

Looking back throughout history, we see that people have developed tactics to scare birds away. This includes the typical scarecrow and even hanging wind chimes meant to terrify the birds. As a society, we’ve developed past the days of old and welcome in a new era of bird repellent devices. At this point in time, we don’t even have to kill the birds with our bird deterrent systems! Instead, we can use an owl bird deterrent or some other pigeon deterrent methods to ensure your property is not being ravaged by these obnoxious bird pests! Continue reading as we showcase some of the best bird deterrent systems in existence, allowing you to protect your property in a multitude of areas against all kinds of situations, including the weather.

Best Bird Repellant Tactics

Bird Prevention To Repel Birds: First and foremost, you’ll want to work on the prevention methods to ensure the birds don’t inhabit your property to begin with. Birds tend to enjoy areas full of grain, making it essential for you to block off any of the entry points around those food sources on your property. You can use some bird netting or bird spikes to block those entry points off and if you do, you’re not going to have to worry about the birds roosting in the area so much because there will not be any food attracting them.

Installing Spikes & Netting: These bird deterrents are fantastic for ensuring birds don’t get to your crops or gardens. With this being said, these primarily impact the big birds in your area and if the netting or bird spikes aren’t the right size to prevent smaller birds, they’re going to have an easy time getting through whatever barrier you install.

Scare Birds Away: When you want to scare birds away, you have plenty of options. Scarecrows are the obvious go-to, but there are plenty of other methods of scaring birds away from your home. This includes predator decoys as well as aluminium foil tape. These methods can work really well for a while but there is also the potential for the birds to get used to them, making it so you might want to consider multiple methods if you want to keep the birds away.

how to scare birds away Pest Control SouthsideElectronic Bird Deterrent: You’re not going to be zapping birds with an electronic bird deterrent but you will find that these actually are fantastic bird deterrent systems that every homeowner should at least consider if they’re looking to repel birds effectively. The way an electronic bird repeller works is actually quite impressive. Through the use of motion-activated sprinklers, you can keep the birds away by simply spraying water at them whenever they get too close. You can also utilize ultrasonic bird deterrent devices as they can impact their hearing. Using an electronic bird repeller definitely comes with its benefits. With this in mind, electronic bird deterrents can be effective when it comes to ensuring birds stay away from your home without having to hurt them.

Bird Trapping: Even though killing birds with traps is only allowed for some species of birds, the law allows you to use bird trapping as a method to capture the pest birds. We suggest using traps that will catch the birds alive so you can release them at a distance following their capture. This will ensure you don’t have to hurt the birds to keep them away while allowing you to keep your property bird-free.

Mess With The Nests As A Natural Bird Deterrent: While it might sound a bit unethical, disturbing the birds’ nests is also an option. By taking a long stick and smacking the nests down, you’ll scare the birds off of your property and hopefully, make it clear to them that the area is not a safe place to have a nest.

Bird Repellent Using Chemicals: Chemical warfare might sound a bit…intense, but when it comes to handling a bird problem, chemicals can work wonders on keeping the birds away. The chemicals don’t kill the birds. Rather, they result in irritation when the birds ingest them and impact the nervous system, ensuring they stay away from any food sources until they leave the property. Ingredients used for this method include anthraquinone, methiocarb, and methyl anthranilate.

Comparing Bird Scaring Devices

Bird Nets

When using bird nets, you’ll likely have some luck with excluding birds from your property. They’re great for protecting your fruit trees, ventilation, and closing off small spaces. These work really well for large and medium-sized birds, but they might not be as effective for the smaller species you’re looking to exclude. Also, these are a rather invasive install as they tend to require hanging from different structures on your property and might even need you to use screws and bolts to hold it in places. The problem with these is that they also tend to hurt or kill birds at times (not on purpose, but it happens).


Using scarecrows is a nice option to have as they’re typically rather inexpensive and easy to install. Just put it out and it starts to do its job. They’re also very humane and if you’re using a decoy hawk or owl, it’s one of the most natural bird repellent devices you can own! These can keep your birds away just by looking scary and if you incorporate a noisemaker into the scarecrow, it’s likely to be even more impactful. The issue with using these devices is that the birds will likely realize they’re fake after a while, making it ineffective as time passes.

Bird Spikes

Bird spikes are perfect for installing on any flat space around your home. They ensure the bird pests cannot land or roost on your property as well. What’s great about these is that they’re not going to be an eyesore for you (or your neighbors) and they don’t hurt the birds. While these can result in the beauty of your property being impacted, if you opt for metal bird spikes, you’ll find that these are virtually invisible.

Bird Repellent Gel & Bird Repellent Spray

Using bird repellent gel or bird repellent spray can work wonders on your lawn, fruit trees, and windowsills. These are repellent chemicals that produce a reflex in the birds, ensuring they leave the area as soon as possible. With this being said, the truth of the matter is that with these products, you might be exposing your property to toxic compounds. You’ll want to be careful with this stuff and ensure you applying it appropriately in accord with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Motion-Activated Water Sprinklers

Installing motion-activated water sprinklers can be a real job if you don’t already have a sprinkler system in place. The installation will be done on your lawn and it’s actually quite beneficial for the plants as you’ll be providing them with additional water. The issue with this system is that you’ll have to incorporate a water supply and the device will need recharging from time to time, making it an option that can become somewhat tedious.

Electronic Sound Repellent Devices

While some people might think that electronic sound repellent devices are going to be bothersome to their own ears, the truth is that these are only for use in the areas that you want to protect, far away from your own hearing. These bird repellent devices will mimic the cries of pest birds’ natural predators throughout the entire area. You can even set these to use the cries of different species if you have a particular bird pest that can’t be pushed out of the area. While this can be effective, you’ll want to use it with some other form of bird control.

Ultrasound Pest Control

These types of bird repellent devices are easy to install outside of your home. They’re typically set up out on terraces and balconies. With this in mind, they work great as a bird deterrent but you’ll likely need to use some other type of bird scarer methods along with it to have a serious impact.

Nest Destruction

Using a hooked stick, you can destroy the nests of your pest birds. This tactic will ensure that the birds are incapable of having babies, resulting in them moving on. There are times that this tactic will not work and they’ll create a new nest, resulting in the need to repeat the process. This can work as an effective bird nest deterrent but you might have to go beyond this if you want to keep the birds away permanently.

Noisy Reflective Bird Scarer

These can be hung up in areas that the birds might roost or hang out. They’re made out of tap, disks (CDs), and rods so when the wind blows and the sun shines, the light that gets reflected paired with the noise the device makes will scare the birds. The truth of the matter is that these are easy for the birds to get used to over time. Also, they’re only going to have good results on windy and sunny days.

How To Get Rid Of Birds Fast

So with birds, their behavior and activity are ultimately going to have an impact on how to get rid of them. With this being the case, you’ll want to bring together multiple methods of getting rid of them and focus on two variables: the species and type of building you’re looking to protect. You’ll also want to change it up a bit as time passes to ensure the birds never get used to the tactics you’re using. Even if you decide to go with an owl bird deterrent that looks super realistic, you’ll still have to use multiple pigeon deterrent devices to ensure the birds don’t get used to it. We’ve got more specific info on getting rid of pigeons here.

When it comes to using effective bird deterrents, you’ll want to start out by using them immediately. As soon as you notice a bird problem occurring (or perhaps even prior to the bird problems happening), make sure to put a measure in place to prevent the pest birds from getting used to your home. Once you do this, it’s all about switching up the methods every so often to ensure the birds don’t get used to the bird scarer. Next, you’ll want to focus your efforts on the strategy that seems to be working the best. This will usually be the methods that focus on multiple sensory modalities as this ensures you’re irritating the birds in more than one way, allowing them to stay uncomfortable.

Bird Repellent Means Bird Prevention

Working on bird prevention with bird repellent means creating a schedule to maintain your property in an effort to keep birds away. If you have some sort of grain storage, you should do everything you can to ensure the food source is not available to the birds. This is something you’ll see a lot on livestock farms. Regardless of the type of property you have, the best bird repellent is a clean property with a maintenance method in place.

Becoming A Bird Scarer

get rid of birds Pest Control SouthsideAs a bird scarer, you’ll want to use the best forms of exclusion available: bird scaring devices. These devices are readily available and with them, you’ll find that you can keep birds from roosting and nesting on your property. The best part, in our opinion, about bird scaring devices is that you’re not going to kill the birds and they’re safe for everyone. This means you will not find yourself having to hurt any people, other wildlife, or livestock while you work on scaring your birds away. Bird deterrent systems can really come in handy so if you’re looking to repel birds by scaring them, trying incorporating multiple bird scaring devices to increase the effectiveness.

When you notice that the birds are living or nesting on your property, you can create your own bird deterrence systems by incorporating multiple methods on your property. This means using bird nets to protect your crops or gardens and bird spikes to keep the birds from roosting on your flat surfaces. By placing multiple pigeon deterrent methods in place, you’ll have a fighting chance at being the best bird scarer around. You can even use bird repellent spray or bird repellent gel as a bird nest deterrent. While this method is not going to be as environmentally friendly as a natural bird repellent, the chemical method will still work to repel birds.

Becoming an appropriate pigeon repeller means using various methods to repel birds. Whether you’re going to use scarecrows or chemical methods such as bird repellent gel or bird repellent spray, to become an effective pigeon repeller, you’ll need more than a single pigeon repeller. Bird pest control devices can be impactful but using one is just not going to cut it. If you want to go with the owl bird deterrent, make sure to pair it with something else. Perhaps you’re thinking of using an ultrasonic bird repeller or an electronic bird deterrent; add some other bird pest control devices found in the list of products on the market. The truth of the matter is that with so many pigeon control products found on the market, becoming an effective bird scarer has never been easier than it is right now.

The Best Way To Repel Birds

In our opinion, there are various good ways to scare birds away and you don’t need to kill them to do it. While it is possible to simply kill the birds off, pigeon deterrent methods are more impactful and result in an ethical bird deter that won’t result in any unreasonable deaths. There are countless methods of ensuring birds don’t roost or build their nests on your property and by using the ethical methods, you’ll surely sleep better at night knowing you chose the impactful bird control devices over the killing options.

Whether you need bird deterrents for roofs or something to scare birds away, out of all the pigeon deterrent devices on the market, the best pigeon repeller around is simply being prepared for the inevitable. Preparing for pest birds means you’re ready for the moment they decide to try to make your home their home. With this being the case, the best bird repellent around is proper preparation as incorporating bird pest control devices and other pigeon control products at your home or place of business is ultimately the way you’re going to ensure bird problems never become your problems.

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