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    South Brisbane’s Most Reliable, Experienced and Professional Pest Experts

    For those of you looking for pest control in the Southside region, look no further than the pest control services we’re offering!


    Pest Control Southside Brisbane

    When the community calls, we answer. We’re the top family owned pest control company found in the Brisbane Southside area so whenever professional pest control is needed, we’re the go-to company that gets the job done. Through our experience, we’ve gained a lot of knowledge pertaining to pests, and with this information, we tackle any common household pests that might inhabit your home head on.

    We’re the pest professionals that can ensure pests are never a problem you have to tackle alone. Sometimes the pests are domestic and other times they are commercial pests. Regardless, if you’re looking for an in home pest control expert to help you rid your home of pests in the Southside area, no other pest control company can get the job done like we can! Although we started in North Brisbane we’ve expanded into pest control Brisbane Southside and the Gold Coast.

    Humane Pest Control

    Pest Control Services Brisbane

    As a company specialising in pest management, we understand that there are ethics surrounding pest control. With this being known, we try to avoid killing some pests when we can because unlike other pest control companies, we’re willing to put in extra effort if it means offering pest control with a clear conscience.  Instead, we try to relocate the pests safely far away from your home so they can never bother you again. As a professional pest control team, we’re always looking to use humane methods by taking any problem pests out of your home or office to ensure you and the pests are both given the chance to live life to the fullest. With us being committed to catching and releasing pests where practicable, we’re usually capable of achieving the goal of pest removal without any bloodshed.

    With such a large number of humane options available for capturing and safely releasing pests, we understand that while it is easier to simply treat them, we’re perfectly capable of catching and relocating some pests. Typically, we’re able to catch and relocate them without much trouble but then again, we’re not like the pest controller that came to help you last time. Instead, we offer home pest control you can count on without having to kill the pests every time.

    Killing pests is something we prefer not to do; we’re not just a pest terminator but rather a pest control company. With us being the best pest control company in Brisbane, acting as a home exterminator is sometimes necessary, it doesn’t compare to the level of skill we need to provide humane pest control solutions after a pest inspection. Home treatment jobs are easy to handle if you’re just going to be pest eliminators but we want to go beyond the norm where possible and practicable. Whether you need restaurant pest control services, office pest control/prevention, or residential pest control, we’re going to try to avoid being the pest busters that only kill. Sometimes, local pest control services can be provided without having to kill the pests and with this being known, we strive to be above average. With this being the case, our goal is to give you the safe pest control you need and the pest treatment the job calls for while attempting to simply relocate some pests as opposed to killing them.  This being said, we do not hesitate to eradicate pests when necessary.

    Our qualified pest controllers can treat/relocate a range of domestic pests including the following:

    When you need the best pest control company around, we’re who you’ll call. As the best pest control company found in the Southside region, you’re going to get a company that conducts business with humane practices in mind. Since we’re focused on conducting our pest control services as ethically as possible, we place emphasis on providing the best pest control solutions  we can. As a professional commercial pest control team, know that we’re working hard to stick to what’s morally appropriate.  We care about the local wildlife, and we care about the environment!  Call us now on 1300 442 978!

    Pest Prevention Is The Key

    We’re big fans of pest prevention because it has the potential to make sure you don’t need any intense pest removal/treatment in the future. While you may have used a different pest company to deal with the last home pest inspection you had, it’s doubtful that they provided you with the best pest defense possible  So, if you’re looking for a new pest company, we’re here to help! With this being said, pest prevention will assist you in ensuring the pests don’t come into or around your home. Although a single pest prevention method can work to keep pests away, the fact of the matter is that a good local pest control service like us, understands the need for more than one method to make sure that the right pest prevention provides the results that are expected.  We aim to exceed expectations.

    Even though a lot of people think pest treatment comes with pest control prices that are going to damage their wallets, the truth is we offer pest prevention that is affordable. We know that we are capable of offering house pest control at an affordable rate and focuses on customer service. We aim to keep the cost low where possible, while maintaining impressive pest management skills, allowing us to set the standards for the best home pest control company in your area!

    Pest Control Treatments

    House treatments are a service we offer. With treatment costs being rather affordable, it’s easy to get us to come out to treat any pests you might be dealing with. Prior to doing the house treatment, we will assess the situation to ensure a treatment is necessary. As pest controllers, we can handle the unruly pests with ease. We make sure all of the pests have been dealt with, so you won’t have to deal with them at a later date.  Call us to assist you now on 1300 442 978!

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    Free Service Period (FSP)

    We offer free service periods on all our work.

    • 12 months for Possum Removal and Proofing
    • 12 months for Bird Removal and Proofing
    • 6-12 months for General Pest Control (internal)
    • 1 month for Rat and Mice Control
    • 1 month for Wasp Removal

    All FSP subject to conditions

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    Address: 7 Bishop Court, Loganlea
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