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Pest Control Southside have been helping the residents of the beautiful South Brisbane region for over 25 years. Our expert knowledge of the local fauna, insects, vermin, and other creatures gives us the innate ability to determine the causes of any pest related problems and develop a custom solution to suit your individual site/home requirements.  We treat, relocate, and manage all manner of pests, and we specialise in active termite treatments, inspections, and preventative treatments.

Over the years, we’ve gained countless friends in the Southside area and with these friends, we’ve become a part of the community. We’re constantly helping people in the area and our daily interactions keep us in touch. Our focus is placed on assisting the community with their pest control problems and all in all, we feel privileged to be part of such a wonderful community. Having local knowledge, we will also advise you on any environmental conditions specific to your home or area that are affecting the severity of your pest problems.  We can assist you with recommendations to reduce the risk of termite infestation, rodent infestation and any other areas we feel we can be of assistance.  With pest control, we also understand that being cost effective is important for our customers.  For us, it’s the customers and our friends that make this beautiful community such a fantastic place to be a part of. This being said, we’re committed to bringing impressive pest control at the right price to those residing in the Brisbane Southside area.


Domestic Pest Experts – Safety First

We know that placing priority on safety for residential pest control is important.  When operating in a residential area, you never know who is going to be in close proximity, so we make sure we are paying attention, and thoroughly prepared. We are very mindful that young children are often unaware of potential dangers/hazards around them, and we are well prepared with a keen eye and a mind for their safety to be paramount at all times. When acting as a pest control expert, we want to make sure we take safety into consideration rather than simply acting blindly. Safe pest control is the best pest control and with safety being prioritised, we avoid problems with ease. We put all safety measures possible in place when we’re conducting residential or commercial pest control. From the large to the small jobs, we always put safety first. We consider our clients to be family, so we put forth a genuine and conscious effort to ensure we never have to worry about hurting anyone or causing  accidents.  We use environmentally friendly products, and employ the safest application methods.

Did you know that bird droppings and spider webs can cause major health problems for asthmatics?  Spider webs collect large amounts of dust, and therefore dust mites.  Dust mites are a very common cause of asthma attacks.  By controlling the dust collection in your home or work place by limiting spider webbing through regular pest control treatments, you are protecting your family and/or staff.  Bird droppings in water droplets or dust can cause Asthma attacks, Psittacosis (see bird page) or Salmonella.

residential cockroaches Pest Control SouthsideFor those in need of pest control in your area, please contact us as soon as you can! We’re excited to assist you with your pest problems as your efficient and reliable pest control expert. With this in mind, know that we’re going to come out and handle your pest issues without hesitation. If you feel like your pest problem is a challenge, terrific, we love a challenge, call us now on 1300 767 770!  We don’t waste time and want to get you to the pest-free state of being you’re happy in!

There are a large number of pest control problems commonly dealt with in the South-East Queensland region. This list is by no means exhaustive but it will give you an idea of the most common issues in residential areas here.

  • Termites (White Ants) – Pre-purchase inspections, visual inspections, remedial termite treatments and installation of Termite Management Systems (termite prevention, termite barriers and termite control)
  • Cockroaches
  • Spiders
  • Mice and Rat infestations
  • Snakes entering dwellings
  • Possums entering homes
  • Birds
  • All other pests

Termites (Sometimes referred to as White Ants)

There are thousands of different species of termites in Australia, however a there are only a few that will infest your home.  In saying that, the common species in South East Queensland (SEQ) that will infest your home can do large amounts of damage in a matter of months.  The two most common species we find SEQ are Coptotermes Acinaciformis, and Schederhinotermes (these are both Subterranean termite species).  Both species can be very destructive in a short space of time if left undetected.  In the height of Summer when it is very hot and humid, a well established termite nest can eat up to 1 metre of timber in a day.  The Australian Standards recommend a termite inspection at a minimum of every 12 months, even if you have a Termite Management System (TMS) on your home.  This is to ensure that if termites do get into your home, they are detected early.

A perimeter Termite Management System (TMS) on your home is extremely important.  Even if your home is only 6 months old, check your paperwork to see if it has a TMS around the perimeter of your home or structure.  Termites can not only get in under slabs and sub floors, they can come from the come in from the external perimeter of your home.  The most destructive of termite species are subterranean termites, which means they can get in anywhere that is in contact with the soil.  Keeping debris, gardens, timbers and stored good away from the external perimeter of your home is very important.  Any or all of these items up against the perimeter of your home/structure can provide concealed access for termites.  This means that they can get in and do a lot of damage before you even realise that they are there.  We often come across homes that have sub floors with either a lot of debris/stored timber inside in soil contact, or formwork timbers left in place from when the builders originally constructed your home.  This is a big no no from a termite perspective.  Sub floors are already a favourite entry point for termites as they often are very moist, and termites love moisture.  Combine the moisture with a timber food source (the debris/stored or formwork timbers) in soil contact, and you have simply rolled out the welcome mat for them.

We often have customers who think that having ant capping on their home means that this is termite protection.  Ant capping does not stop or deter termites from entering your home, however it does provide a visual so that you can see their mud trails when they are working their way in.  If they have to go around the ant capping to enter the home/structure, you can then see the trail coming out and around it, thus earlier detection.  It is commonly known that termites eat timber for the cellulose and nutrients they need to survive, however it is not so commonly know that termites will also eat paper, cardboard, gyprock, and they will tunnel through brick.  They are quite ingenious creatures who are actually a member of the cockroach family of the order Blattodea.  If you locate active termites, or if you are looking at options for a Termite Management System call the experts at South Side Pest Control on 1300 767 770 for obligation free advice or a booking now!



There are hundreds of species of cockroaches in Australia.  All cockroaches are known to carry and transport disease, two of the most common ones being salmonella and gastroenteritis. The most abundant cockroaches found in and around the homes are the German cockroach, the Oriental cockroach, Australian cockroach and the American cockroach.  The American and Oriental cockroach are relatively easy to treat and reduce the footprint around the home.  These cockroaches are travellers and will fly in from outside, travel up through drains, and may harbour in your roof void, drains, sub floor, or septic tank.  Live cockroaches are usually seen at night time when they are foraging for food.  German cockroaches are the smaller light brown cockroaches (the juveniles are very small and a dark brown almost black in colour), that will usually infest your kitchen, laundry and bathrooms initially but if left untreated will spread throughout the house.  German cockroaches take more specialised treatment than standard cockroaches, and if the infestation is bad, sometimes it can take more than one treatment.  It is extremely important if you notice German cockroaches in your home to have them treated as soon as possible, they can get out of hand very quickly.


Our Clients Love The Local Pest Control Services We Offer

We genuinely care about our clients, and we tailor our pest control programmes to suit their specific needs. With this practice, the services we offer stand out in our customers minds, resulting in them talking to every single one of their friends about the jobs well done we do for them.

No one ever believes them when they tell their friends about the affordable pest control and quality we’re offering. We always appreciate referrals because they truly assist us in offering our pest control service to the masses. As quality pest controllers, know that you can reach out to us at any time for a pest control service you’ll be happy to tell all of your friends about! We’re the local pest control team that gets the job done for the right price, choosing the humane options before resorting to exterminating pests where possible.

We’d love to hear from you!  Customer and potential customer feedback is extremely important to us!  If we have completed pest control work for you, we would love to know how happy you are, and any services we can offer to provide a better service for you.  If you are a potential customer and you can’t find what you need on our website, not only can you call us and we will be happy to provide you with the right information as soon as possible, but please also let us know you couldn’t find what you were looking for so that we can address the issue and make sure it is rectified.  We pride ourselves on listening to our current and potential customers to be the best we can!

If you need help with removing a pest, or even if you want us to come around and do some preventative maintenance to stop any future infestations, give us a call or click here to go back to our homepage and fill out our interactive form, or call 1300 767 770 now!


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