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As a commercial pest control company, we understand that time is money, so we incorporate our top-notch methods to ensure we are timely in ridding your office or workspace of pest problems. With this in mind, we will complete any pest control services in a timely and efficient manner, while offering this service at affordable services. Pest prevention is usually needed for homes & businesses in this area as there are many different kinds of pests ranging from the smallest of bugs to the largest of snakes. As a professional pest control company, you can depend on us to get out to your home or business quickly to handle any pest problems that might arise before they become serious issues.  We care about our customers, from the largest of companies to the smallest home owner.  Our aim is to provide the most effective pest control and prevention methods, while minimising disruption to your business.  We provide safe and environmentally friendly pest management solutions to suit your work place and it’s needs.  We believe working with you is more effective than just working for you.  We incorporate our focus on customer service into your management plan, to ensure the service we provide is effective, and exactly what you are looking for.

Commercial Pest Management

Even though we’re a commercial pest control company that’s looking into the most ethical routes to take when it comes to pest removal, at times, there simply isn’t any other way to go about pest control, than acting as an exterminator. As experienced pest technicians, we find ourselves having to be the local pest control service that is called out as a home/building exterminator regularly. There are times in which the pests are too difficult to handle without extermination, however we also incorporate non chemical pest solutions into our regime where possible and practicable. We find that by doing this, we deliver safe pest control our clients can appreciate. Of course, if hitman pest control is something you really need, we will put the hit out on your pests and gain control over your business for you.

Knowing how to eliminate is a crucial role of pest control, we can play that role in your home/business. Pest treatments, and being your preferred office pest controller, providing hitman pest control, and factory and warehouse treatments are all pest control services we offer. For those of you in need of affordable pest control, we’re the go-to because we offer impressive quality while keeping low treatment prices our clients love. When you need pest eliminators to come in and rid your commercial property of pests, we opt to go the humane route, if we believe this is an appropriate control method. If we believe it isn’t appropriate or effective, we can treat them or implement an appropriate control method. We’re the best commercial pest control team in the region for a reason, and if we can’t go the non chemical route because the pests are out of hand, we know the best treatment methods to get the best results.  We have extensive experience and the right equipment for treating offices, warehouses, sheds and buildings for all manner of pests including general pest control, rodents, possums, birds, snakes and many more.

Get Your Workplace Checked ASAP!

Stop Mice Infestations Pest Control SouthsideIf you are having issues with vermin and other pests at your place of work, don’t delay, give us a ring and learn how we can help? The worst thing you can do is forget about it and think that the problem will take care of itself (they will only get worse). We’ve been to all manner of work places and offices that have had this attitude and they have been over run with pests! This can be a major health and safety issue!  Most people are aware that rodents carry and can spread disease and bacteria, but did you know that spider webs can cause major problems for asthmatics?!  Our highly trained pest technicians will be able to attend to your issue straight away, while also investigating the causes of the infestation to ensure we can put the correct preventative commercial measures in place. We will also provide advice on any environmental factors that are contributing to your pest problems and how either you or we can mitigate these factors for you.  Effective pest management does not happen by chance, but through the right management programmes for your workplace.

Don’t risk your staff’s health, make sure your workplace is healthy and pest-free today!

If you require help with removing or eradicating vermin, insects or other pests, or perhaps a preventative maintenance program aimed at stopping future infestations is what is required, give us a call or click here to go back and fill out our super easy contact form at the top of the page.  Or call now on 1300 442 978.

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Free Service Period (FSP)

We offer free service periods on all our work.

  • 12 months for Possum Removal and Proofing
  • 12 months for Bird Removal and Proofing
  • 6-12 months for General Pest Control (internal)
  • 1 month for Rat and Mice Control
  • 1 month for Wasp Removal

All FSP subject to conditions

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