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      Pest Control Southside is South Brisbane’s best pest control service company. We offer a range of residential and commercial pest control services. Although we don’t hesitate to exterminate pests where necessary, the Pest Control Southside team always attempts to find a humane pest control solution wherever possible. This is one of the many things that separates us from our competitors.

      In this blog article our team will share what types of pests we can help you with.


      Cockroaches are very common pests all across Brisbane homes. Without getting on top of a cockroach infestation fast it can quickly get out of hand. If you have a cockroach pest problem you need the best cockroach exterminators in Brisbane, Pest Control Southside.


      Spiders are another common household pest in Brisbane. Spiders are not only annoying pests but can also be dangerous to you and your family. Call the spider pest control experts at Pest Control Southside.

      Rats & Mice

      Mouse in your house? Don’t worry, unfortunately, it’s not too uncommon for Brisbane residents. At Pest Control Southside we have decades of experience in providing high-quality rat and mice pest control services. Contact us today.


      As we approach the warmer weather in Queensland it is likely that you will start to see a few slithery snakes in and around South Brisbane. Pest Control Southside is your go-to snake professionals! Call us if you have a snake problem you need help with.


      Possums can be pesky little critters when they get into your home. They enjoy taking up residence in cozy spaces like attics and basements. If you have a possum problem call the experienced professionals at Pest Control Southside.


      At Pest Control Southside we have the skills, tools and experience to help you with your bird problems. From bird removals to bird trapping and bird proofing, we have a range of services to fix any type of bird problem in Brisbane.

      Other Pests

      The team at Pest Control Southside can help you with virtually any pest problems you have. Whether it be ants or any other type of common pest, our team can help you solve your pest problems. Call Brisbane’s best pest control, Pest Control Southside.

      Need Professional Help?

      Do you need professional help with your pest problem problem? Call Pest Control Southside on 1300 767 786. Or, you can contact us through our website by clicking here. We have a large service area, covering much of Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast. Give our team a call today and get your ant problem fixed.

      If you have a pest problem then you need to call the team at Pest Control Southside.

      Services all over South Side

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      Free Service Period (FSP)

      We offer free service periods on all our work.

      • 12 months for Possum Removal and Proofing
      • 12 months for Bird Removal and Proofing
      • 6-12 months for General Pest Control (internal)
      • 1 month for Rat and Mice Control
      • 1 month for Wasp Removal

      All FSP subject to conditions

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      ABN: 83 120 032 742 – ACN: 120 032 742
      Address: 7 Bishop Court, Loganlea
      Phone: 1300 442 978

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