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      Possum Removal Brisbane

      Living with possums in your roof can be frustrating! Not only can they be loud and annoying, but they can also cause damage to your home by chewing through electrical wire and timber. That can certainly become expensive! Not to mention their constant droppings can cause quite an unpleasant odor in your home. When it comes to possum removal in Brisbane there is no better choice than Pest Control Southside. Our professional team are experts in removing possums from your roof, including the most common types of Australian possums in the Common Brushtail, Common Ringtail and Mountain Brushtail possums.

      Why Do Possums Come Into Your Home?

      One of the most common questioned we get asked is why do possums come into your home. With their natural habitat being encroached by suburbia, possums are beginning to have no choice but to take up space in our homes and especially are warm and cozy roofs. Possums also need to find a good supply of food, which can unfortunately be your veggie patch or even your kitchen! This is why it is important to get professional help to remove your pesky possum to prevent damage to your home and your health.


      How We Can Help

      Do you have a possum problem in your home in Brisbane? At Pest Control Southside we have a professional team ready to help! When it comes to possum problems there are a few things we can do to help. Our pesky possum services include:

      • Possum Capture and Release (25m from capture point)
      • Finding all existing entry and exit points
      • Installing Proofing to stop any more taking up residence

      It is important to know that due to local laws we cannot relocate any possum more than 25 meters away from where they have been caught. However, we are able to prevent future possum problems arising by checking all entry and exit points and installing possum proofing to make sure no more pesky possums can get into your roof. These services work as excellent deterrents for possums, plus our proofing comes with up to 5 years warranty on our proofing work, so you won’t need to worry about them ever again!


      Our Service Areas

      Pest Control Southside provides possum removal services to residents in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and other surrounding areas. If you have a possum problem in your home and you are a resident of one of these areas our professional possum removal team at Pest Control Southside is here to help.


      Time For Professional Help

      If you need professional help to remove possums from your roof in Brisbane we at Pest Control Southside are here to help. You can click here to get in contact with our team to get started on removing that pesky possum from your roof with Pesky Possum Pest Control.


      Other Local Companies We Recommend:

      Pest Control North Brisbane – General Pest Removal for people on the Northside of Brisbane. PCNB specialise in servicing the populations that live in the suburbs north of the Brisbane River, however our teams do venture further afield should the need arise. From Redcliffe to the CBD, you can count on PCNB.

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      Free Service Period (FSP)

      We offer free service periods on all our work.

      • 12 months for Possum Removal and Proofing
      • 12 months for Bird Removal and Proofing
      • 6-12 months for General Pest Control (internal)
      • 1 month for Rat and Mice Control
      • 1 month for Wasp Removal

      All FSP subject to conditions

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