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Cockroaches are crappy guests that no homeowner would wish to welcome. They are not only creepy but irritating pests that infest everywhere from kitchen cabinets, wardrobes to living room amongst other places. However, dealing with a roach infestation is not that difficult as most people would tend to think.  In fact, you don’t need a pest specialist to get rid of cockroaches. What many home remedies to pick from.

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Do Home Remedies Work To Repel Cockroaches?

The question of whether home remedies can drive away roaches have been asked almost a million times. That is because some people have tried getting rid of these pest using DIY remedies but in vain. The answer is yes and no. That’s because there are some that work and others that don’t really work. Not every tip you read on the internet will work for you. Some like cucumber peels are just ridiculous and don’t waste your time on them.

One of the biggest reasons why some home remedies may not work for you is because you cannot get to where the roaches are hiding. That is why a professional pest control specialist is recommended if the DIY tips don’t work. They will help you discern the types of house roaches you are dealing with and offer a long time solution to your roach control. To help you get a better home treatment, we are going to look at both home remedies that work and those that don’t work.


Home Remedies For Cockroaches That Work

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There are many home remedies that work, but they must be used properly to get results. Here are some of the home remedies for roach infestations you can try.

Sugar And Borax

If you are wondering how to get rid of roaches forever, then borax is one of the best home remedies for cockroaches. It works by slowly drying the exoskeleton of the insects and messing up with roach’s digestive system. With these two systems compromised, the cockroach cannot survive, and it will eventually die. That is how you easily get rid of these pests. But you need to mix borax with sugar to attract roaches to the trap.

In addition, you must use the ratio for the two ingredients. Borax to sugar ratio should be 3:1. Spread the mix near the place where you notice roaches at night. Repeat the process for a few days and to ensure they have died to the last one.


Boric Acid

If you don’t have borax at home, then boric acid would be the perfect alternative home remedy for cockroaches. It works the same ways as borax. Boric acid messes up with the digestive of cockroach and also dries its exoskeleton hence killing the insect. You will also need to add some sugar to attract roaches to the trap.

For this home remedies for cockroaches to be effective, get the ration of boric acid to sugar (1:1) right. Make sure that you have also put the solution in the area that you notice roaches at night. You can also spread the mixture in the cabinets and dark areas of the kitchen.


Baking Soda

Baking soda is common in our home, but not many people are aware that it can help get rid of cockroaches. Like borax, it works by messing up the digestive system and slowly drying the exoskeleton to kill the insect. That also include cockroaches. Baking soda also reacts with water to burst roach’s stomach. However, you need to add sugar to baking soda to provide the sweet smell that entices roaches out of their hiding place to eat. So this home remedies for roaches baking soda is highly effective.


Clean Your Home

If you have noticed roaches in your home, there is a high possibility that your house is untidy. That is because cockroaches thrive in places where they can find food and dark places to breed. So how often do you clean your kitchen? Do you have food spills in the kitchen? Do wash dishes and pots immediately after meals? Well, you need to have your kitchen cleaned properly and regularly to deter a roach infestation

In addition, take care of your trash disposal. Exposed trash is another reason for roach pestering. The wet scraps of food that you through in the trash bin is fodder for cockroaches. That is why you should the trash bin closed tightly always and never let your bin overflow.

If you have flower or herbs gardens around the house, have them weeded adequately since overgrown weed provides a perfect pathway that attracts insects including roaches into your house. Proper mulching and festering can help deal with this problem.


Home Remedies For Roaches That Don’t Work

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Some of the home remedies for cockroaches being mentioned all over the internet won’t help you wipe out a cockroach infestation. Most of them can only repel the pests but not exterminate them. Below are some of the common remedies that don’t work.


Cucumber Peels

They are widely mentioned as a home remedy for cockroach, but the fact is that they won’t work. It is said to be a roach repellent, but it’s not. So don’t waste your time on it.


Citrus Liquids

You will find some online posts listing lemon juice as one of the home remedies to a cockroach infestation, but it won’t work for you. It might somehow repel them, but they will still hang around. They are just like cockroach repellent essential oils hence not a reliable remedy.


Dish Soap

Some people will tell you to spray a mixture of dish soap and water can kill roaches. It might slow them down a bit but won’t kill them. So not very efficient.


Fabric Softener

Does bleach kill roaches? Not it doesn’t. However, it can slow them down a bit but not for long. However, they will still be around. Other home remedies for cockroaches that are mentioned but don’t work include cayenne pepper, Listerine amongst others.

If you want to get rid of roaches fast, we recommend that seek professional pest control services. Pest Control North Brisbane are among the most reputable pest specialists in Brisbane. Call them if you want to get rid of cockroaches forever.

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