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Top 3 Things That Attract Pests

Do you feel like your home is becoming a bit of a pest magnet? South East Queensland is an area with a lot of pest activity, whether it be ants, cockroaches, possums or even rats. The truth is, our homes...
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3 Pest Control Myths

Queensland homes are commonly invaded by all kinds of pests, including cockroaches, ants, spiders, possums and more. Fortunately, the team at Pest Control South Side provides a professional, high-quality pest control service to residents and businesses all across Brisbane, the...
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Our Commercial Pest Control Services

Looking for the best commercial pest control service in all of Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast? You have come to the right place! At Pest Control South Side we offer the most professional, affordable and humane pest...
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Pest-Proofing Tips

No one likes pests in their home. Whether they are rummaging through your pantry or causing damage to your property, pests can disturb your daily life in a number of different ways. The good news is there are a few...
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Do You Have Rats? Look Out For These Signs

Rats are a common pest that we at Pest Control South Side often find in residential and commercial properties across Queensland. It is important to identify rat problems early as they can cause damage to your home and spread harmful...
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5 Fascinating Bee Facts

Bees are one of the most fascinating, popular and recognisable insects all around the world. With over 2000 bee species in Australia, it is almost certain that you have come in contact with a bee before and possibly even been...
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DIY Natural Pest Prevention

Nobody wants pests in their home. Not only can they be unhealthy for you and your family, but they often also cause damage to your home and possessions. This is why it is so important to keep pests out wherever...
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Australian Summer Pests

The Australian summer doesn’t just bring the famously sunny weather in Queensland. It also brings in a whole bunch of pests! Summer can be a very busy time for pests, with many becoming more active and more likely to invade...
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How To Keep Spiders Away

Do you have a spider problem on your Brisbane property? Don't worry, spiders are one of the most common pests in the Brisbane area and can be active all throughout the year. At Pest Control Southside, we have a lot...
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Types of Pests We Can Help You With

Pest Control Southside is South Brisbane's best pest control service company. We offer a range of residential and commercial pest control services. Although we don't hesitate to exterminate pests where necessary, the Pest Control Southside team always attempts to find...
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How You Can Get Rid of Ants

Are you experiencing an ant problem in your home? Ants are one of the most common pest problems reported by residents of the Gold Coast, Brisbane, and the Sunshine Coast. Fortunately, there are a few DIY methods you can try...
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General Pest Control

Pest Control Southside is one of Brisbane's best pest control service providers. We have been providing quality pest control services to residents all across Brisbane for years. Our primary offerings include 4 services, commercial pest control, residential pest control, general...
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Expert Bird Removal

Pest Control Southside are your local bird removal professionals! Our team of experts has the knowledge to ensure an infestation does not occur. If your area is being invaded, we can handle most bird problems in Brisbane, South East QLD!...
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Our Pest Control Service Areas

Pest Control Southside is one of Brisbane's best pest control service providers.  If you’re looking for an in-home pest control expert to help you rid your home of pests in the Southside area, no other pest control company can get the...
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Humane Pest Control Services

Pest Control Southside is one of Brisbane's leading pest control service providers. We provide pest control services for a range of pest problems. Did you know that we also offer humane pest control services? Although we sometimes need to resort...
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Brisbane Pest Control Services

Are you a Brisbane resident with a pest problem? You need the experienced Brisbane pest control services team at Pest Control South Side. In this blog we are breaking down our list of pest control services, our pest control service...
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Common Winter Pests in Australia

Winter is here and that doesn't just mean that it is getting colder! Winter weather brings in some common pests that can invade your home looking for shelter, warmth and a solid food source. As Brisbane's most effective pest control...
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How Pest Control Southside Can Help You!

Do you have pest problems? You've come to the right place? Pest Control South Side is one of Brisbane's leading pest control businesses specialising in a whole rang of pest control and pest removal services. In this article we will...
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Brisbane Bee Removal

Bee & Wasp Removal in Brisbane When you have an infestation of bees or wasps in your home it is best to call in the professionals at Pest Control South Side. We have decades of experience in safely removing and...
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Bird Problems in Brisbane

Most birds are potential pests because they destroy crops, or are simply a nuisance to homeowners. Some of the pest birds such as parrots, finches, pigeons, sparrows, chimney swifts and more are among the most annoying and destructive. In fact,...
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Brisbane Rat Control & Removal

Why Rats Are Bad for Your Home: Rats and mice are some of the worst pests you can have infecting your home. As many of us know, rats carry a variety of harmful diseases. Plus, rats and mice are known...
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Turkey Removal and Relocation

Australian brush turkeys can be an annoying menace. They dig up garden beds, destroy vegetable patches, and spread leaves across footpaths and lawns. These troublesome turkeys are native to Australia however, and are a protected species. This means, often the only...
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Australian Summer Pests

Today is the first day of the Australian summer. Unfortunately, summer doesn’t just bring beautiful weather and sunny beach days to us, but also a LOT of pests. Summertime is the most active period of the year for pests in...
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Possum Removal In Brisbane

Possum Removal Brisbane Living with possums in your roof can be frustrating! Not only can they be loud and annoying, but they can also cause damage to your home by chewing through electrical wire and timber. That can certainly become...
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Common Pest Mistakes

Your home is your sanctuary, and you’ve probably spent quite a bit of time and effort making it as comfortable for yourself and for your guests as possible. Unfortunately, some of our homemaking habits are inviting pests inside in addition...
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How To Keep Possums Out Of Your Roof

Although cuddly and cute, possums can be a real headache when they invade your house. They can be a real hassle especially around cities with lots of greenery such as Brisbane, The Gold Coast and The Sunshine Coast. Possums are...
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How To Control Pigeons

How To Control Pigeons Pigeons are one of the most annoying and destructive pest birds. They make their homes in the roof creating serious problems for households. Their dropping contain acid which can leave the roof in very bad shape....
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How To Keep Snakes Away From Your Home

Learn how to keep snakes away from your home in Brisbane with these great tips from the amazing team at Pest Control North Brisbane! How To Keep Snakes Away Snakes are a crucial part of the ecosystem. They control the...
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Common Australian Winter Pests

Common Australian Winter Pests Last week, our friends at Pesky Possum Pest Control published a great article on the most common pests you will need to keep a look out for in the Australian winter. We think the article does...
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Snake Sightings Around South Brisbane

Snakes Spotted in South Brisbane (and what to do if you see one) With spring coming into full swing, many species of snakes are becoming increasingly active. Sightings of snakes, such as the carpet python are increasing due to their...
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